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Site Rules

Bundle O' Dubz is a relaxed and happy environment. Our purpose is to put on a great show for all to enjoy. We hope everyone will join us in this, so we ask everyone to follow these simple rules. These are designed to maximise everyone's enjoyment of the show. Please respect this and help us. Thank you. We reserve the right to eject anyone not complying with the site rules from the show without refund.

The site is only open to the public between the hours of 16:00hrs (4pm) to 22:00hrs (10pm) on Friday 7th July and between the hours of 10:00hrs (10am) to 22:00hrs (10pm) on Saturday 8th July and between the hours of 10:00hrs (10am) and 16:00hrs (4pm) on Sunday 9th July. Once your vehicle is parked do not move it unless permitted by show staff.


Fires/BBQ's:- We are unable to allow any firepits, or anything that resembles a firepit. No fires or open flames are allowed. BBQ's must be contained and at least a foot off the ground to avoid burning the grass, as well as having a fire extinguisher present and clearly on display and visible to site staff. These are conditions of us using the site. Please respect this, as we wish to return to this site for years to come.

Children:- There are NO creche facilities at the show. Parents/guardians are responsible for their children at all times and must not leave their children unattended at any time. Please note there will be vehicles moving around the site, so please ensure your children are safe.

Dogs:- Dogs MUST be kept on a lead and in the owner's control. There are vehicles on site, and we would hate for anything bad to happen. Anything that comes out of a dog is the owner's responsibility. Please clean up after your dog.

Plot sizes:- Camping plots are strictly 6 metres by 6 metres. If your setup does not fit within this area, you will need to purchase further plots. We reserve the right to charge for additional plots if you arrive with a setup larger than your paid-for plot(s). If the show is at capacity, we reserve the right to turn away those with setups larger than the paid-for plot(s). We REALLY don't want to do that, so please consider your required plot sizes.

Rubbish:- Please leave the site exactly as you found it. Please ensure you use the rubbish bins that are on site. We would appreciate it if you took your rubbish to the skips as you leave the site.

Signs and Crew Directions:- The crew are there to ensure that everyone has a great time. Please respect this and comply with any and all requests they may give. Please also comply with any signs on the site.

Drugs:- Absolutely no drugs allowed.

Food and Drink:- We have food and drink available on site at extremely good prices. We do not restrict visitors from bringing their own food and drink on site – although we would prefer that you buy on site – but please drink sensibly.

Fun!:- We can accept NO responsibility for any loss, theft, damage, injury or accident, howsoever caused. But we want everyone to enjoy Bundle O' Dubz. If you have any concerns, please raise them with a member of the crew. We will do our very best to help you.

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