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Win a Firetrace Fire Supression System at The Show

Published: 17.03.16 - BOD News

An engine fire can be disastrous potentially putting you and your passengers at risk and damaging your vehicle beyond repair. The Firetrace patented system offers fail safe protection and is easy to install.

Designed without the use of expensive electronics, the system instead works via pressure, making it much simpler to operate.

The first stage is to install Firetrace's unique detection tubing throughout the engine compartment. Once installed, it will react to any sign of fire with speed and accuracy, and act to put it out before there is any risk of it spreading to other parts of the engine.

This system does not require separate power backups and also has the minimum of moving parts, resulting in a highly reliable system.

Using a Direct Low Pressure Powder or the optional Low Pressure Gas, Firetrace systems are easy to install and come complete with all the fixings required and fitting instructions.

Talk to the team at the show. They will be delighted to talk through how Firetrace’s motor vehicle fire suppression system provides affordable protection for all types of vehicles including VW camper vans.

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